Hawk's Hiker Haven


Haven  /ˈhā vən/   noun    A place of safety or refuge.

2 miles from the trail with fee pickup at Stecoah Gap, this tiny but cozy cabin has everything that a hiker needs to get out of the weather and charge up for the next day of hiking. We can house up to 3 in the cabin with a bunk bed and a single bed or cot. Amenities include fresh linens and blankets, Wifi, satellite TV, a shower, toilet, sink, towels, dishes, coffeemaker, coffee, sugar, creamer, microwave, mini-fridge, and toaster oven.  $25/hiker or, if you want  to insure privacy, $60 and it's all yours. Call Craig at 980-406-6446 for availability.

Shuttle Services:


We offer a free shuttle between Stecoah Gap and The Cabins in the Woods for hikers staying with us.  We can shuttle hikers to other locations. Please call 980-406-6446 for pricing.  Ask us about our NOC to Fontana Slackpack service, and our Newfound Gap Resupply run.


Robbinsville is the nearest town for resupplies. There is an Ingles Market, Walgreen's, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. Resupply trip to Robbinsville is $15.

Other Services:

Breakfast is available for $6.00/person. 

Small load of laundry is $5.00/load. Laundry requiring a large capacity washer/dryer is $10/load.  Some basic resupply items subject to availability.

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