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From North Carolina Route 28, turn onto Stecoah Heights.

Proceed uphill approximately 1/4 mile and turn left onto W Stecoah Hts (see sign for The Cabins In The Woods)

Follow the "301 black bear" signs. Signs are numbered 1 thru 7. Ignore other signs (ie: posted, No trespassing, etc.) Road will turn to gravel, follow until bear sign #7. That is the top of driveway to The Cabins in The Woods.

We are happy to have you stay with us,
  • Sport bike and touring riders: The last 2/10th of a mile is a gravel road with a 100 yard steep section                  .

  • Please watch                      of the drive up to the cabins

  • Please be considerate of our neighbors and other guests and keep your exhaust noise to a minimum.

  • Guests with trailers must call prior to arrival.

  • Trailers longer than 8' are prohibited. We are at the end of a one-lane road and there is not enough room for bigger trailers to get turned around.

  • Offsite trailer parking is available for a small fee.

close up map to The Cabin in the Woods
The Drive Up to The Cabins in the Woods


We highly reccomend watching the video below. It's from 2013, but not much has changed. At about 0:54, you see the intersection of Stecoah Hts & W Stecoah Hts (there is now a street sign for W Stecoah Hts). At 1:45, that is where the road turns to gravel. 2:45 shows the driveway leading to our cabin and Hawk's Hiker Haven. The driver continues straight and passes The Studio on the left, then The Woodshop on the right, and The Coop is at the very end of the road.

Sabs, AJ. “The Cabin in The Woods - The Drive Up.” YouTube, YouTube, 19 Apr. 2013,

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